May 31, 2011

Pinching Myself

I'm going to dare and write a sentence that is not usually found among these pages:

Things are going quite well on the farm.

Thanks to the addition of the new fence around the garden, it looks like I might get more than three beets this year.

Here we have about six rows of radishes and four rows of lettuce (also unheard of before the new fence -- the deer have good taste).

Next we have the second round of tomatoes in addition to some peppers, on the left, all weeded and mulched and supplied with drip hoses. On the right, that large, leafy plant in the foreground is one of our signature volunteer sunflowers. Behind it are two rows of beets straddling a wide row of arugula (or "rocket" for those of you across the pond).

For dinner, we had some of said lettuce, radishes, and some of the lovely herbs that are also thriving.

In addition to the garden successes, in this same week, we sold our hay from last year. (We're one step closer to breaking even on that score!)

The rain, which has been a little too much for most people around here, has made it easier for us to weed and keeps things growing in our little microcosm.

The garlic and onions and aronia berries are all doing well.

After a couple of years of strategic abandonment, the clematis are a profusion of color.

Even the long, lost kitty, Tsarmina, returned to the fold! (While she was away, her six kittens went to that great cat box in the sky, but we'll save the negative stuff for one of the many other blog entries about the farm.)


  1. Mom, these pictures are amazing!! I am so impressed by all of your guys' hard work. The spring and the summer : things awaken and you guys get to feast upon all of the hours of labor. Truly amazing! I'm so proud to have parents who are so committed to something as beautiful and as thriving as this farm. WOW!!!!!!! Miss you guys, love you tons.

  2. Thanks, Juj! It is a labor of love. Thanks for your nice comments! Love you, Mom

  3. Yes, this is the best looking garden that we've had so far. And the fence that Mom got for Valentine's day is doing a great job of keeping the deer out!!!

  4. "Great cat box in the sky" = that's so cute!